Excerpt #13 – Volcanoes, Butterflies & Jesus – Shelley Zwingli

(Continued from Excerpt #12)

No end in sight…

I ask Branelle to keep praying for me. Our hearts are heavy. With no end in sight of this experience ceasing this supernatural challenge is almost more than we can bear. I keep wondering, why is this happening to me? I keep willing it to stop. I do however notice that this journey is not just about me. It’s about the truth of an afterlife. What’s being shown to me is a teaching from our loving Guide. It’s revealing to me just how close the next life is. I have always hoped that heaven did exist. I just never imagined it could be so close to our physical existence.  I now know the beautiful reality of heaven is right here on earth. The veil that stops us from seeing heaven is very thin.  I’m also certain that our core being or soul has never had a beginning and it will never have an ending. We are made in the likeness of our Creator and in doing so we always have been and always will be in existence.

I think back to the previous night and take note of the visions that we’re shown to me. These visions were not all about my life here on earth. Some of them were scenes of someone else’s life. I’m also certain that all these visions when put together form a storyboard, this puzzle will make sense to me at some point on my journey.

The White Horse Vision

I ask Branelle if she would watch over me while I close my eyes to try and focus on another vision. She agrees. I place my hands over my eyes and within seconds the blackness within my mind begins to change. In the middle of the black canvas a white dot appears. This white dot starts to move forward towards me. This dot becomes larger and I notice an animal formation taking place. I now find myself fixated on a beautiful white mare. I am not a horse lover; I have been terrified of these large creatures all my life.  But this mare is different. She is as gentle as a lamb. As the vision becomes clearer I’m shocked to notice that her mane is made up of feathers. I glance down her body and discover she has wings. These wings are also made up of feathers; they are in perfect proportion to her powerful body. She’s looking at me with eyes that smile. Within an instant I focus on another horse entering the scene from behind the mare. This one is a white stallion. He runs up along beside her and his cheek brushes her cheek. I know within an instant that this is a sign of affection. They are soul mates and he’s greeting her with a loving gesture. They both stand there for a few seconds and look at me with radiating love. The vision stops and I open my eyes.

I explain to Branelle what I have just been shown. We are both wondering what this vision could mean. I have no connection to horses and for the majority of my life I have been very nervous around them. I will agree that they carry a magical quality with them. But I’d sooner watch them from a distance. I guess I’m just not the person that can give them the trust that they need. That’s probably why I have never connected with them. These two white horses that have just come to me have opened up a new spiritual understanding. Heaven most definitely houses the animals that we have on this planet. I had often wondered if animals and pets made it to heaven. I now have the answer. This vision also has me considering the souls of animals. The Divine’s soulful creations don’t just include us. Every living creature has a purpose and divine energy that flows through it. We must respect all life and treat it with dignity, through its birth and death. These magnificent horses have awoken in me a new perception. I will never look at animals in the same way. They have been placed in our care.  It is our obligation to tend to their needs. They were created for a purpose, not much different than ourselves.

(To be continued in Excerpt #14)

Ask, Listen and be Watchful,

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