Excerpt #14 – Volcanoes, Butterflies & Jesus – Shelley Zwingli

(Continued from Excerpt #13)

A Butterfly Vision

Branelle and I hash over the details of my last vision. We both are still puzzled with this whole ordeal. I ask her if she feels up to me describing another vision, she agrees. I close my eyes once more and the black canvas in front of me starts to come to life. This time all the little sparkly white dots slowly form and old weathered wooden deck. This deck immediately reminds me of the deck we have down by the water at the lake. It too is a deck that is unfinished and is weathered from the elements. This vision is in black and white, similar to the horse vision. A little butterfly slowly enters the scene. It has a small body and delicate wings and is doing a slow dance just above the weathered deck surface. It lands on the deck and remains there for some time.

Blog 7bbThis vision is sparking my memory of the previous summer of 2012. It was the summer of butterflies. During that summer I had many visits from these beautiful little creatures. They would often land on my hand and then they’d allow me to take them on a short walk. On many occasions that summer I’d walk them from our cabin deck into the cabin to show them off to whatever family member might be around. After a short visit in the cabin I would return them to the deck. This fascinating experience seemed to open up a Divine connection within me. I knew that souls that had passed into the next world were visiting us through these tiny messengers.

The butterfly in this vision was one I remembered very well. It took me back to a warm day in July 2012. Branelle and I were down on our dock at the lake. We were enjoying the toasty sunny day. Shortly after our arrival we were greeted by a delightful little butterfly. It was orange and black in color and not much bigger than my thumb nail. It moved from Branelle and me in a curious motion. We both were in agreement that this creature was housing the soul of someone we were both fond of.

Branelle had lost a lake friend suddenly to death the previous winter. She had spent many hours with this young man during her teenage years up at the lake. We are certain that it is his spirit coming through this butterfly. His visit that day on our dock lightened our hearts. We were thankful that his soul connected to us. He showed up very suddenly that day and that’s the way he left. That too was a characteristic of his when he was in human form. He’d show up at the cabin just out of the blue and then before we knew it he was gone.

The vision stops. I know instantly that it was a replay of our visit with him that previous summer. I explain the entire waking vision to her. I know for sure that it has to be from our time down on the dock that hot July day.

10:00 am

I ask Branelle if she’d come downstairs to the living room with me. I need her to watch me while I try to fall asleep. I realize this sounds totally bizarre; but I need to know if I am actually getting some shut-eye. I feel that there are times when I might be falling asleep but then another vision starts. So I open my eyes quickly in a panic; thinking that I might be crossing over again.

We both head to the main floor and we fix ourselves some breakfast. I share a bit more detail of what the previous night and early morning were like for me. We are in agreement, she needs to watch me try and fall asleep. We head into the living room and I lay down on the couch. I work at getting comfortable. I toss and turn for what seems like more than an hour. There is no position that feels right. My mind just keeps recalling all that I have been through over the past few days. I can’t shut my thoughts off.

(To be continued in Excerpt #15)

Ask, Listen and be Watchful,

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