Excerpt Post #8 – Volcanoes, Butterflies & Jesus – Shelley Zwingli

(Continued from Excerpt #7)

I have never been so sad and felt so alone. I’m very thankful to have Trent and Branelle helping me through this ordeal but unfortunately they really don’t know what all has been taking place in my body, mind and soul. The truth is, I’m worried that if I share too much information with them they will give up on me. I keep praying for their understanding and wisdom. I need their support and help more than ever.

I sit in the living room and finish my snack. I reassess how I’m feeling and decide to try sleeping again. I head back upstairs with the hope that my mind has settled down, even though I haven’t felt anything change within me. I crawl quietly into bed and snuggle up to Trent once more. I lay here quietly for a good 30 minutes keeping my eyes open. I fear the thought of being shown another vision.

Heavenly singing again…


I am just beginning to relax when the heavenly angels start to sing again. I start to cry and Trent rolls over to hug me. I’m so troubled. I can hardly believe what’s happening. Trent’s very distraught too; this is so out of character for me. He knows what I’m going through is a spiritual encounter, but neither of us know how to interpret it or stop it. We lay here cuddled up and praying for an answer.

In silence I begin to talk to the Virgin Mary again. I ask her for a sign that I’m going to be okay. I also need some kind of solution to this out of body experience. I’m begging for Mary to send up prayers on my behalf to the Creator. I keep pleading with God to let me stay. It can’t be my time yet. I want to make more memories with my family. I need more time.

Within seconds of me appealing for an answer from above the heavenly choir starts up again. This time the melody has charged quite a bit from the previous rendition. The song being sung is not a song I have ever heard in the past. The tune is extremely soft and peaceful. This time the angels have put lyrics to the melody. These beautiful messengers of God are singing; we will wait for you, over and over again. This heavenly piece is once again a masterpiece in musical harmony. It’s a chant that has my soul smiling from within. This phrase is the answer that I have been asking for from our loving Creator. This choir softly harmonizes this five word phrase over the course of about two minutes. Their singing has calmed me down for the time being. My plea to our loving Creator has been heard and I’m satisfied with the answer until another questioning thought enters my mind. How long will they wait? Hours? Days? Years? I’m still very unsure of how to translate their answer.

A part of me is extremely happy to finally have an answer to my question. I know my prayers are being heard and I’m thankful to have been given such a Divine reply. I just don’t know how long these angels will wait for me.

(To be Continued in Excerpt #9)

Ask, Listen and be Watchful,

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