Happy Easter – Find Joy – Leave No Regrets

Five years ago on Good Friday I faced my inevitable mortality. The fact that I wanted to remain here on earth was no longer my option. All my begging, pleading and praying was done with good intension but all that remained was a fear of leaving this place without saying what needed to be said. I felt my life was about to be cut short and while I processed that terrifying thought, many regrets started to creep in.

Paint by Number – Darlene Garchinski

Today, I close my eyes and travel back in time, trying to witness the events of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday. As Jesus shared his final meal with his disciples that evening, did He feel the anxiety of death approaching?  He was God, made man. He was one of us, an equal, except without sin. He loved his family and friends the same as we do. He trusted his Father in heaven with His life. How many of us can fully let go and trust God with our lives? Jesus knew that His life purpose was to soften the hearts of the righteous and lift up the lowly. Did he know in advance all the suffering that he would have to endure so that we could be free of sin and guilt?

These and many more questions keep flooding my mind. How can I fully trust God is looking after me? How do I know that what I’ve been taught throughout my life is true and factual? There are many opinions and responses to the questions I ask. I believe that all of these answers are found through our conversing with the Divine Creator. When we can learn to trust like Jesus did so many years ago we will find resolution to any challenge we face. When we stop thinking with judgement and opinions and start looking deeper for the love that lies within each and everyone of us, we can start to trust more freely. The more you trust in a greater power the easier it is to live a joy filled life.

Upon waking this Easter morning, I was given the gift of another poem. Over the past few months I have been experiencing an inner calling that has me dropping whatever I’m doing at any given moment. These unexpected connections of spiritual writings that just show up in my thoughts totally unannounced have taught me that God is in every situation no matter how good or bad they might seem. Try to pay closer attention to the conversation that God is having with you. We all have a unique relationship with this masterful entity. We are all loved equally by this beautiful Parent. We are all given Divine signs to help keep us on our life’s course. The Creator wants all of us to share our joy with all walks of life with no strings attached.

His Cross

His cross that stood high on that mound,

was build with truth and Love’s surmount.

Through blood and pain our Lord was slain.

He carries us, giving ethereal gain.


He asked for nothing in return,

just hoping that we’d someday learn,

to live in peace and mercy’s way,

so all mankind unites He pray.


Put down your guards and let light shine,

we are made up of Love’s Divine.

Our ways can change just take the time,

open your hearts and stop the whine.


We have it all, to break and drink,

the bread of life, His blood we seek.

Raise up your glass with friends and foe,

tomorrow comes like long ago.


And in our turn, our last day peaks

the hour will rise, like fog does seep.

Now we will share, that last meal we’ll taste.

Has this made sense, this human race?


So do it now, cast doubt away,

bring this Savior into your day.

So when your turn is here to stay

with no regrets you’ll leave His way.

I hope your Easter was enriching and joy filled!

Ask, Listen and be Watchful,

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  1. Thanks Shelley..
    Happy Easter

  2. Don ❤️Kathy Kehrig

    Happy Easter Shelly ❤️Trent.

  3. Brenda Kennedy Doherty

    Happy Easter Shelley and family xo. I have been waiting patiently to receive word on your book – great to hear it is close to completion. Very much looking forward to reading it.

    I remember your Mom painting this picture at the kitchen table – cherished childhood memory.

    Again, Happy Easter and looking forward to your book.

    Much love;

  4. How perfectly fitting to read this on Easter weekend!
    Thank you for sharing, Shelley!
    Divine! Divine! Divine!

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