Summer of 2012 – Heavenly Creatures

A few months prior to the summer of 2012, I started reading a series of books. Over the course of a few years this series literally changed how I view love, faith and the possibilities of real miracles. The series that I’m referring to is The Angelic Letters by Henry K. Ripplinger of Regina, Saskatchewan.

These books are written directly from the writer’s soul. Henry’s gift of writing has helped me come to realize that the power of God’s love has no limits, that a love that is meant to be between two people will always find a way—man cannot stop God’s plan. If we try to interfere with the Divine’s plan for pure love to grow and flourish, we will not win the battle. God’s plan is full of good intention. Good will always conquer evil if purity of love is the intent. This series is a must-read for all adults. It taught me many life lessons. Most of all it taught me just how deeply we are loved and guided by our Creator.

Blog 7aThis type of reading also helped guide me to better understand the spirit world. The more you trust and believe in its existence the more it’s willing to share with you the secrets it holds. The connection that I’ve made with our Creator is alive and well today. I’m also very aware of how nature and the spirit world work hand in hand to keep our connection real and physical.

Because we are still in physical form we need to see the connection; that’s how we humans justify reality. By seeing signs we are able to agree on the possibility of another life. Paying attention to nature is a sure way to connect to the Creator and the spiritual realm. If we take the time to slow down and focus on nature, it will show us many beautiful sights. Stop and watch a rabbit nibble on a blade of grass, or listen to a song bird chirp, or feed a squirrel some nuts. These beautiful little creatures are definitely the Divine’s messengers. Through Henry’s books we are shown how the power of human love has no limits, and through believing in our guardian angel(s) and butterflies as messengers from heaven we can remain on the path that God has placed before us. After reading the first couple of books in Henry’s series I started to pay close attention to these heavenly messengers.

I’m sure you will agree with me that there isn’t a better place to connect with nature than surrounding yourself in it. My husband and I spend a good part of our summers up at the lake and that’s where the fun begins. After I finished reading the first book in Henry’s series I was more aware of the very special purpose these creatures have on this planet.

Our first encounter was with a tiny little monarch butterfly. My daughter Branelle and I had just nicely settled into our lounge chairs down on our dock one sunny hot July day when we had an unexpected visitor. A butterfly had joined us and it was somewhat unsettled. It flitted here, there and everywhere, never landing for any length of time on either of us. It would first land on our toes and after it felt safe there it moved up to our fingers. This monarch had Branelle and I thoroughly enjoying its playful nature. It would fly back and forth taking turns visiting each of us, and it appeared to have no intention of leaving anytime soon.

Blog 7bbA few weeks earlier I had explained to Branelle what I had learned in regards to Henry Ripplinger’s Angelic Series and how butterflies are spirits trying to connect with us. That being said, we both knew who this heavenly visit was from. Branelle had lost a friend earlier that year to a sudden death and she knew that it was him visiting. He loved the lake and hanging out with friends. He would generally show up unannounced and leave the same way: One minute he was here visiting and then the next he was gone. He was a free spirit and this butterfly definitely had his personality. The fluttery creature spent the entire afternoon with us down by the water, and then, when we least expected it, it was suddenly gone.

The one understanding that I’ve gained since my NDE is that spirits will seek out a person who believes their existence is real. They won’t necessarily search for a person they were close to here in the physical world, especially if that person is a non believer. Spirits look for humans that have an understanding of the spirit world. If you want a spirit to connect with you, you must have total trust and faith in an afterlife. If you have an encounter with nature and you think it’s a spirit trying to connect with you, STOP and LISTEN to your thoughts. Spirits will deposit thoughts in our heads. If you think, Oh, that’s probably Grandpa, or, That reminds me of my cat, it’s likely that spirit put the thought there for you to receive. Whoever or whatever pops into your head first is usually the spirit that wants to make itself known.

I’m so thankful that my soul has been opened up to this awareness and I have Henry Ripplinger to thank for it.

(To be continued)

Ask, listen and be watchful

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  1. I’ve been waiting all summer to read another of your blog pieces, Shelley. We are just off to my sister in law’s mom’s funeral and my spirit is lightened. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your encouraging words and patience Wendy. Now that I’m back from holidays I’m planning on posting and article on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month. As you can tell I love the number 10 🙂

  2. Beautiful and soooo true !

  3. Thanks Shelley
    Really hits home

    • Hello Brenda,
      I’m really hopeful that my writing will give the reader a closer look at the spirit world. Souls that have passed, want to connect with us more than we can imagine. Through blogging, I will share many amazing experiences that I’ve had in the past as well as help guide the reader into ways they can also connect with the other side. I’m by no means a master at understanding, what all happens when we crossover, but the near death experience I lived through a couple years ago, has me totally trusting in a beautiful ending to our life story.
      Many Hugs

  4. You are such an amazing writer, Shell xo. I love reading your blogs and can’t wait for your book. I need to be more aware of nature and slow down – I need more signs from my Dad from the other side – thank you for this reminder. I’m so proud of you and this accomplishment – keep it coming!! xo

    • Brenda,
      Thank-you for your beautiful comment. I truly love this new adventure I’m on. Brenda, when you’re falling asleep at night take the time to connect with your father. Ask him to open your eyes up to signs you might be missing. He’ll come through loud and clear within a week. Also remember spirits are on eternity time, not physical time 🙂 This might make you smile, I saw a power truck just yesterday and I thanked Russ for the visit. Take Care sweetie
      Lots of Love

  5. Fascinating stuff!! Looking forward to more of your writings.

    • Greetings Candace,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying this blog, this entire project has been an amazing experience that seems to still be unfolding. Everyday I give thanks for the opportunity to be sharing this with so many wonderful people.
      Stay in touch!

  6. Hi Shelley I am really enjoying your postings. I will look forward to the 10th, 20th and 30th of the month as well as your book!

    • Hi Wanda,
      Thank-you for your positive feedback. I’m thoroughly enjoying this entire spiritual experience. This is a journey of faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love. Share the love…. 🙂
      Take Care

  7. Beautiful Shelley, and so very True!

    • Greetings Zana,
      Thank-you for your comment. It was an honor to write this post. Marv taught both Trent and I many lessons on our journey of life.
      Many hugs,

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