My Book Project – Nearing Completion!

I am filled with mixed emotions as I sit down to write this post. I’m full of gratitude for the opportunity to share my story. The love and support my family and friends have shown towards me from the onset of this project has me forever indebted. I’m sure there were many times over the past five years they would have wished I’d just stop talking about the spiritual side of life. There were many times I wondered what my life would be like if I never had the near death experience and the waking visions. Would my faith and spiritual belief be as strong as it is today? I highly doubt it.

This beautiful awakening has taught me the importance of self love, unconditional love of others, to be authentic and to stand up for what I believe to be the truth, to be kind to anyone who crosses my path and to always seek an understanding as to why people act the way they do. The book I started writing just over five years ago has evolved into a work rooted in hope. It has also been split into three uniquely distinctive topics which have now turned into separate books.

Volcanoes, butterflies and Jesus

Volcano Arenal – Costa Rica – February 2014

The first book Volcanoes in this three part series will share my near death experience (NDE) and the impact that it had on me and the people around me during Easter week back in 2013. It’s been written with the intent of bringing people to God. It is a detailed sharing of a 44 hour out of body journey that I went through after becoming violently ill and almost died. This first book will be released late this summer, hopefully by the end of August.



Volcanoes, butterflies and Jesus

The second book is a compilation of stories from other people who have crossed my path in life. These beautiful people have shared their stories of struggles and triumphs. Many of you readers will be able to relate to these topics because at some point in your life you have had to deal with cancer, the loss of a child, depression, and organ donation, just to name a few. They are written from friends and family of all ages, both male and female. They have all been composed with a clear message of hope. I have been gifted with these stories with the understanding that they remain intact and fully authentic to their writer’s voice.

When you read each one of these chapters you will be stepping into their shoes and getting a glimpse of their struggles and how they have calmed some of the stormiest seas on earth. The wisdom that encapsulates each of these writings comes from a beauty that we all hold the power to release. Each writer has shown their vulnerability and in doing so they plant the seed of strength for all who share the same hardships.

At this point in my journey I am sitting with about 20 chapters in this second book. I am hoping that a few more people will come forward and be willing to share their story. If you feel you have an inspirational experience to share please contact me. The second book will be released by February 2019, so there is still ample time to get your story into me.

Volcanoes, butterflies and Jesus

The third book focuses on what I have figured out since my NDE. I have named this section, Jesus for a very specific reason. I believe that our entire physical makeup should be in unison with His. This book is split into three sections that address our mind, body and spirit. Each one of these individual characteristics needs to be as close to balance as possible. The healthier we can keep these three subjects the happier our whole state of being will become. When one of these is struggling and out of unison it effects the other two as well. In this third book I have written thirty chapters. You will find ten chapters on how to improve your mental health, ten chapters on creating a healthier and more optimal body and another ten chapters on your spiritual well being.

The book is nearing completion now.
With that in mind I’m launching a pre-sales crowdfunding campaign in early May.
You can pre-purchase the first book which will be ready in August.
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All three of these books have something different to offer the reader. I have been fortunate to have an amazing editor along this journey. Suzanne Paschall has kept me focused on the end result and she has also mentored me through every paragraph I’ve written. Suzanne and I both wanted a book that would give the reader a hopeful message of life after death. I believe these three books will change your life. You will walk with me through some of the darkest and yet beautiful moments of my life. You will also connect with many other people who have survived some of life’s most difficult challenges. You will be inspired by the thirty chapters in the final book. The life lessons I share will bring you closer to your loved ones, and truer to yourself.

Ask, Listen and be Watchful,

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