My Book

I’m writing a book about a very personal spiritual experience that happened to me two years ago, and if you like Divine Signs, I hope you’ll be interested in it as well.

As you know, my life changed during a 44-hour period when my soul teetered between the physical and heavenly realms. During that near death experience I made a promise to God. I promised that if I was allowed to stay here in this earthly realm I would share my experience and the knowledge I gained with as many people as possible.

I want to give people hope that there is an afterlife. This afterlife is beyond anything we can imagine. The love and beauty that awaits us is impossible to describe using human language, but through words and original paintings, I am going to attempt to do so in my upcoming book, Volcanoes, Butterflies & Jesus: The extraordinary visions of an ordinary woman.

My wish for readers is for you to come to believe whole-heartedly in the divine realm that exists much closer than we could ever envision. I was conscious during the entire 44 hours and the only medication I was on was an antibiotic; my mind was clear. I’m just an average person who’s had an exceptional life-changing occurrence.

The old Shelley is gone and the new me knows that I’ve been entrusted with this amazing story. In addition to my story, the book will also contain original paintings that will attempt to explore visually what I saw in my waking visions, as well as thoughts from other writers and thinkers on the subject of near death experiences and waking visions. I also hope to include the stories of others, maybe yours, in my book.

I hope also to provide some tips and ideas for people to help them rebuild their belief, trust and connection with the spirit world and whoever they believe is their higher power in this life, and ways to be open to, and benefit from, divine signs in everyday life.

There will be an opportunity to contribute to an upcoming crowdfunding campaign to help produce the book, and if you’re interested in being notified of this campaign, please join the mailing list. You’ll find the sign-up for this list to the right of this page, and every page on the site.  This list will also sign you up to receive notifications when I publish new blog posts, of which I do a few each month.

I promise not to stuff your mailbox with junk mail, but if you like what you read here, this is a way to stay in the loop.

I hope you might share your stories with me, and I’ve created a special page, Your Stories, for you to do that. You can also share stories related to specific blog posts through the comments function, or by writing personally to me at

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