Play – Create a Healthier Mind – Part II

(Continued from – We all need more of it – Play!! – Part I)

Winter-time in Melfort

In the winter months we would slide down the Big Hill, bumper shine on the backs of cars on ice covered streets, go ice skating, play street hockey, hang out at the rinks and the list goes on and on. We had a life full of excitement, adventures, and laughter. I wouldn’t change a thing!

So why HAS this all changed??

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We all need more of it – PLAY!! – Part I

Bring your inner child out to play…

We are living in a world that has become inundated with technology. There is a part of me that smiles at all the conveniences we have at our finger tips. But then there is that other side of me that realizes even with all the high tech gadgets we have in our homes, cars, work place, etc we still have lost something even more valuable than time. That is the clarity we gain by having REAL tangible interaction with the people in our lives.

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