We all need more of it – PLAY!! – Part I

Bring your inner child out to play…

We are living in a world that has become inundated with technology. There is a part of me that smiles at all the conveniences we have at our finger tips. But then there is that other side of me that realizes even with all the high tech gadgets we have in our homes, cars, work place, etc we still have lost something even more valuable than time. That is the clarity we gain by having REAL tangible interaction with the people in our lives.

The real physical, emotional and spiritual touch we have had with each other in the past has been swapped out for online connections. You can no longer distinguish the tone of excitement in my voice from a text message reply after finally receiving the job promotion I so desperately wanted. There is no way for you can hear the cracking of my voice in a time of trouble if you have just read my post on Facebook. Even though in some ways it feels like we are closer to people we may have forgotten about, we have dropped the ball on how to keep our true physical and soulful connection alive and well.

You would think that with all of the modern day appliances we have to make our lives so called better, easier and freer we’d have an excess of time to spend with each other; but this is not the case. Families, friends and work acquaintances now take the back seat to what use to be our much needed down time. Our recharging time in the past that kept us close to the ones we love and respect is now the time we find ourselves staring at a computer screen or a cell phone.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about people opting out of family time. Their children are dying to go to the park and play. Instead the parents choose to sit at home and play online video games. The people they connect with online are given more attention than their immediate families. There is something terribly wrong with choosing an online stranger over spending quality time with your developing child who gravely needs their parent’s mindfulness. We get one chance to get it right with our children and more and more parents are getting it terribly wrong.

The exercise or practice I’m about to share with you can be a game changer for relationships. It takes only a few scheduled hours out of your week but it will help you dust off your own inner child while connecting to your beautiful family. You will connect with people of all ages when you “make the time’ for this life altering experience. You will awaken that special little person that is sleeping within yourself.


While writing this article I was taken back to my childhood. I grew up in a time when freedom was at its peak. Our parents didn’t have to worry about us going missing. Our neighborhoods were safe for the most part. My friends and I would spend countless hours swimming, waterskiing, and using the trampoline at the outdoor pool. Every weekday morning at 10:00 am during the summer holidays we would bike to the park down the street and make crafts. We played boys chase the girls and vice versa.

One memory that has me smiling today but seemed a bit more serious back then may have taught us that it’s okay to take the long way home from the swimming pool. After this incident that is what my friend Wendy did. We had just been kicked out of the swimming pool because it was closing time. We had quickly rolled up our cloths in our beach towel just before we headed home for supper. She lived a few blocks south of the pool and I lived north of the pool. We headed in opposite directions alone. About a block away from her home she had to pass a house that made her a bit nervous. A boy in our class lived there and he along with one of his buddies loved making our lives hell. They both had a  Dennis The Menace  type of quality about them. I’m sure they could smell her approaching from miles away because just as she thought the coast was clear, out they pranced from the house. The chase was on and it was just a matter of one slip up from Wendy and the prank turned ugly. I can’t remember if she had dropped her towel or if one of them had grabbed it from her but there was one thing I was sure of, she didn’t want them discovering what was rolled up in it.

All of the girls I had hung out with back then had just started to wear training bras that summer. And for a boy there was nothing more delightful than to tease a girl with this knowledge. That was her dilemma. These two scoundrels somehow got their hands on her bra and within seconds it was hanging from the largest spruce tree in the neighborhood.  This tree was located at a very busy 4 way stop intersection and directly across from the school we attended.  Remembering back to this occurrence has me beaming from within, and I’m pretty sure she is too. This type of interaction is a part of play. Now a days some people may look at it as bullying but back then we saw it as character building. Wendy has turned into an amazing woman and mother. I’m sure she wouldn’t be who she is today without learning how to deal with jokesters like Dennis The Menace!

(Play – Part II – to be continued)

Ask, Listen and by Watchful,

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