Gifts of the Visions

After my NDE, I discovered a desire to start painting. Having had very little prior artistic experience, I knew I would

John Epp & Shelley

need to find a good teacher or mentor to help me learn some basic and intermediate techniques.

As luck would have it, I remembered a very well-known retired local painter, John David Epp, and contacted him to see if he’d be willing to share his amazing talent with me. He agreed, and I went for my first lesson in January, 2014.

I started painting some basic still life landscapes of rural settings, and in the first six months I completed 11 small paintings. Painting is a stress release for me; it’s an escape from my normal routine of work. I love the time I spend with John and his lovely wife, Hilda.

The Divine Images Gallery

I’ve created an online art gallery called Divine Images, where I will share paintings I’ve made through my journey.

March – 2015
11 X 14
Acrylic – Knife
Original – $375.00 – Available

As I learn and grow with my painting, I will take on a great challenge. I will to try and paint what is nearly impossible to

describe in words: what I saw in my 44 hours of waking visions during my near death experience.  My publisher has suggested we use these paintings to illustrate my book, Volcanoes, Butterflies & Jesus: The extraordinary visions of an ordinary woman (FreshVoice, Indie Ink Publishing, 2016). As I complete new paintings for the book, I hope to get feedback from you on which ones to choose.

I will also be offering paintings for sale. If you join the email list (to the right) you will be notified when new paintings are added to the Gallery.

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