Crossing Over: Encompassed by Love

April 3, 2013
Victoria Hospital, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

I am just dozing off when I feel my body lift off the hospital bed. Before I know what’s happening I am The light at the end of the tunnelpulled into a gray tunnel. The tunnel is turning ever so slowly and the little twinkle lights on the wall of the tunnel illuminate the path for my soul. There is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. It is warm and I have no desire to look back at where I have come from. I float weightless towards the light. I am at peace. I have the feeling that I have been here before; I feel like I am coming home.

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Divine Dimes: Signs From Loved Ones

Since the passing of my father, Peter, back in April 2014 we have experienced an ongoing miracle of divine signs. Our family has been gifted with the realization of just how close our deceased loved ones are. Dad wasn’t gone for more than two hours when we realized that he was already trying to connect with us from the other side.The road from coins

Mom was the first to receive Dad’s gift of dimes. The first was found in her coat pocket as we were leaving Regina’s General Hospital, just an hour after Dad had passed away. At first, Mom didn’t think much of finding the dime in her coat pocket, but she did think that it was a little odd.

My mother is the type of woman who will take the time to put all of her change in her wallet. She’s cute…she could have five people standing in line behind her waiting for the till at the grocery store and she’ll still take the time to put her change away. It’s just the way she is, so that’s why the one and only dime she felt in her coat pocket seemed completely out of place.

After leaving the hospital that night Trent and I headed to Mom’s house in Regina to spend the night. It was a long day for all of us and we hadn’t even taken time to eat. Trent dropped Mom and I off at her house, then headed to a local fast food restaurant to grab us a meal.

Mom and I visited a bit and then she headed down the hallway to her bedroom. As she turned on the light she noticed a shiny dime on Dad’s dresser. This dime was placed directly in front of a small porcelain alter server statue. This statue was given to Mom and Dad as a wedding gift from the priest that married them 56 years ago. Mom thought for a minute, and then accepted the fact that she had been very busy since Dad took ill, she must not have noticed the dime there prior to today.

Trent returned with our supper and we all sat down and ate. We were all still in shock with how quickly our day changed. Dad seemed to be getting better day by day. It’s crazy at how quickly our hopes can turn into such a sad reality.

Dimes everywhere

After supper Mom headed downstairs, she had remembered that she had thrown a load of laundry in earlier that day; she needed to move it to the clothes dryer. She walked into the laundry room and as she was tossing the wet clothes in the dryer she noticed one lonely dime sitting on the dryer. There was very little clutter on either unit, so this dime almost jumped out at her. She was more than certain that she hadn’t put the dime there. Mom headed back upstairs somewhat puzzled by the three dimes she had noticed over the last couple of hours.

Trent and I were now relaxing in the living room when Mom let out a yell from the bathroom. Have you guys been putting dimes throughout my house? Trent and I looked at each other. I asked, What are you talking about? Mom stepped out of the bathroom where she had just received her fourth dime. This dime was sitting right in front of her makeup bag on the countertop.

Mom then explained to Trent and I what had been happening to her over the course of the past two hours. Both Trent and I had a light bulb moment. I was pretty sure that I had read a book by the medium John Edward and in that book he stated that the souls that have passed will sometimes send us coins to let us know that they are still with us.

Making the connection

My Dad, Peter Garchinski, in the Regina General Hospital, the last time I saw him, five days before he passed away. Taken April 20, 2014.

My Dad, Peter Garchinski, in the Regina General Hospital, the last time I saw him, five days before he passed away. Taken April 20, 2014.

Trent then remembered a story that Mom and Dad shared with us often over the course of our marriage. On Mom and Dad’s first date Dad had taken Mom to the movie. Mom remembers sitting there smelling the popcorn. Being a young teacher and on a strict budget, Dad never offered to buy her the popcorn. Mom had teased Dad for 56 years about being a little too tight with the popcorn funds.

Trent asked, How much did the popcorn cost back then? Mom said, 10 cents.

We all knew that Dad hadn’t left us, and he was right there smiling at how we recognized his presence. Over the course of the next few weeks (and now years) we have been receiving dimes almost daily. His family, retired work colleges, friends will all attest to this beautiful connection. Whenever we share this remarkable happening with someone new, they either have a story to share with us, or within the next couple of days we’ll get a phone call or a text message explaining another dime find.

And Dad, we miss you terribly, but the connection you’ve made with us has eased our sad hearts. Thank you for lifting our heavy load.

Ask, listen and be watchful

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Believe-Trust-Connect: About Divine Signs

Every soul that has ever touched the surface of this planet has had to ask itself at some point in time, What’s this life all about? Is there a greater being that is in control of our destiny?

I was taught as a very small child that if you don’t have the answer to a question, you need to ask for guidance from someone who can steer you in the right direction. That’s exactly what I’ve done throughout my entire life. My Dad told me shortly before he passed away not too long ago that I was a deep thinker. He couldn’t have paid me a better compliment. The questions that I’ve asked over the past few years have become deeper. With every passing day, the reality of my mortality seems to stare me in the mirror. Where will I go from here?

On April 3, 2013 I received the answer to many of my questions. Many of us struggle with totally trusting our gut or intuition (which is our soul), but on this sunny April day my life was transformed, and what I came to call my “correction” took place. Since that day, my soul has experienced an awakening, a rebirth, and I have made a connection with the Creator, whom I sometimes call Om. I will never question our divine existence again.

Every minute we’re alive our souls are reaching for their Maker. My dramatic experience taught me that we need to slow down our busy lives in order to truly feel the breath that God has placed in us, and connect with him, or whatever each of us believes as our higher power. Only then will we realize completeness.

Divine signs are everywhere, once our eyes are open to them. I hope you’ll not only read my stories, but share yours, too. You can do that through comments on individual posts, sharing on the Your Stories page, or writing to me privately at

I look forward to sharing this incredible journey with you.

Life is Beautiful | via Tumblr on We Heart It

Life is Beautiful | via Tumblr on We Heart It

This blog is my living journal of how I see and connect with our Creator. My hope for you is that through my journaling (and upcoming book) I will give you the hope and some of the tools you need to strengthen your connection with whatever loving God you believe in.

Twice monthly I will post a new blog that will share a holy experience from the present or my past. I am always amazed at how close the spirit world is to us and how willing they are to connect to us. All we have to do is ask for the guidance and it will be given.

Ask, listen and be watchful

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