Mercy – Needed More Than Ever

2016 – The Year of Mercy

There is nothing that you can do that can’t be forgiven. These are the words that ring through my essence daily, they were written on my soul during my 44 hour spiritual awakening back in April 2013. The Divine Source that I have come to know very personally since that experience has changed the way I look at forgiveness and mercy.

We all have imperfections and no one is without fault. We all have a conscience that is our moral compass. Depending on how we were brought up and how our family dynamics were lived will determine how we morally view many heated topics such as religion, politics, capital punishment, legalizing marijuana, abortion, welfare recipients, homosexuality, non-Christians, and the list goes on and on.

Stop doing God’s work…

I was sitting in church many years ago after a late night celebration. Needless to say I was having a very difficult time staying awake; until the priest started his homily. I was settling into the pew for what I thought would be an average homily when all of a sudden these four words sat me up sharply. “Stop doing God’s work,” the priest announced.  Where on earth could he possibly be going with this statement?, I thought. Within the next 10 minutes of his sermon, it was clear to me that we are all doing God’s work and this type of work needs to stop.


Judging others is a self-righteous behavior. In your defense you might say that we have been taught through scripture what is right and wrong and we need to act accordingly.  This is absolutely true; however, our higher calling is to  be a light for those who are unsure of the existence of a supportive Creator. We are here to encourage spiritual growth but not at the sake of enforcing our own personal interpretation of the Bible. Many religious groups have taken the written word and have sculpted it into what they think is right and wrong and that’s where the problem arises.  Depending on where you were born and the type of upbringing you had at home will determine how you view the Creator. This is where some of us Christians have a difficult time walking the Jesus talk. The wars that have raged over time in defense of a religious belief are only fueled by an evil mandate. God has wanted all of his children to live in harmony since the creation of man.

Whatever belief system you belong to, you have come to this belief system because of the path you were placed on at birth. My NDE opened up a totally different understanding of the spiritual world than what I was taught through church teachings. The Glorious Essence that I encountered on the other side sees purity in all religions that have love, forgiveness and service to others as their foundation. We can all hold on to what we’ve been taught and believe in without sacrificing kindness to those who view the topic of religion differently.

Bullying and pressuring those who see God differently will never bring them closer to the truth of an afterlife. Love, understanding and truly listening to their views will teach you to accept the things you cannot change, which is their viewpoint. We are here to plant the seed of love not hate. The act of mercy is necessary to become what God wants us to become – givers of hope. Only then will we truly be on the right path in our lives.

Nowhere in scripture does it say that it’s our duty to judge each other. So why do we take it upon ourselves to play the role of God?

Well, we generally point out the things in other people that we dislike about ourselves. Psychology has proven this. When we point out the faults in others we take the attention off of ourselves which in turn gives us the feeling of power but it also stops us from being accountable to ourselves and our actions.  Zeroing in on someone else’s imperfections elevates our egoistically human side and places our spiritual understanding in the dark. We need to be more conscious of our words and actions around people; we need to think before we criticize; we need to be more tollerant. Their path is not our path but it still is the right path for them.

The year 2016 has been dedicated as the Year of Mercy by Pope Francis. All we have to do is quiet our thoughts and minds and focus on our lives and the events that are happening in the world to realize that mercy is needed more than ever. I’ve always thought that the world was home to 99.99% of good people. Communities come together when tragedies hit. People lay down their differences when heartache is at the core. We witnessed this tragic yet beautiful occurrence during the Fort McMurray forest fire this spring. Many Canadians and foreigners donated time and money to help place hope in the hopeless.

Pope Francis is encouraging us to let go of judgment and show compassion whenever possible. We have all wronged a loved one. We have all fought a fight that was not worth winning. We have all done something that is totally against our moral compass. But, even through all of these human errors, our loving God misses us and wants us to return to the nest. Just recently in an article I read on, Pope Francis quotes Christ’s words from Matthew 7:

“The Lord says this in the Gospel:

‘Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not and you will not be condemned; forgive and you will be forgiven. Give and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.'”

I feel that mercy triumphs over judgment. We have one judge and that’s God our creator. At the very moment that we think we need forgiveness, mercy is granted. We do not have to beg, barter or plead. Our God gets us; we are totally understood by our eternal parent. The Creator wants nothing more than to have us spiritually healthy. Please remember, there is nothing we could do that can’t be forgiven. Ask the Divine for your imperfections to be released and mercy is bestowed.

Ask, Listen and be Watchful,

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