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April 25, 2014 – Exactly One Year Since Dad’s Passing


Blog - Darlene Sopyc

Darlene Sopyc – Simple Touch

People come into our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. I met Darlene Sopyc through my auntie, Darlene Garchinski, shortly after my father passed away. My aunt had a Reiki treatment with Darlene during which my Dad’s spirit came through and gave Darlene the therapist a spiritual message. My aunt was to forward the message on to my mother. The message was this: My father’s voice would come through music and he would also leave dimes as a sign his spirit was visiting my mother. He also said he’ll be watching over her.

Both of these signs have been surfacing on a regular basis since Dad’s passing. Mom hears Dads voice singing every time she attends mass. She has told me it sounds like he’s standing right beside her. This is a very emotional connection and the beauty that it holds is undeniable. Dad had a love for music, he played in a few different bands over the course of his life and he also was a member of the church music ministry. Mom is very thankful for this connection. Love doesn’t leave us when death arrives; it just changes its face. Our loved ones can’t touch our physical bodies anymore, but they can touch our souls.

If you have read my previous post on the divine dimes that we’ve been finding, you will be aware that my mother was the first to connect with Dad through dimes. Darlene the Reiki therapist had never met my father or mother; she knew nothing of our family or its dynamic. The connection she made with my dad was an immediate validation on how the spirit world drops all kinds of signs for recognition. They will keep leaving us signs until we finally observe their presence.

After hearing of the Reiki session my aunt had with Darlene I knew that I needed to meet this woman. Over the course of a couple months I tried over and over to book an appointment with her. It didn’t matter how often I called to schedule a Reiki treatment the timing was always off, it just wouldn’t come together. We could never get our ducks in a row. It was frustrating, but once again, if we slow down and try not to control every bend in the road there’s generally a reason why things don’t work out. I desperately wanted to connect with this therapist but something would always come up to postpone the appointment.

In March 2014 I made my final attempt at booking a session and it still wasn’t going to happen. I hung up the phone and within a few minutes I had a text message from Darlene, the Reiki therapist. It said, Shelley, I don’t think you’re supposed to come to me; I think I’m suppose to come to Melfort. Darlene lives in Unity, Saskatchewan and that was a long way for her to travel. She said that if I could line up a few clients and a place for her to work she’d make the trip in the next few months. Little did I know this was going to be the start of a wonderful friendship.

Darlene set up her treatment location in our home. I made sure that she and her clients had the privacy required for this type of energy healing. Over the past two years Darlene has connected with people of all ages in the Melfort area.

My first treatment with Darlene was one that I will never forget. After I had found out that my dad had come through for my Auntie Darlene I was very hopeful that he would also come through for me. My session started off with me lying on my back on a massage table, and this is how it went:

Darlene covers my eyes with a tissue and then she introduces a soft fragrant mist to help cleanse the energy around the two of us. The sensation is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Without Darlene actually touching my body I can somehow feel her hands/energy being guided over me, hoping to find any troubled energy spots. My eyes are closed and covered but I somehow can still feel her energy along with my energy connecting.

Darlene then asks me if I know a person by the name of Carl. I think for a brief moment and I know immediately to whom she’s referring. My dad’s cousin Carl Ryhorchuk had passed away a few years ago and when I heard that he had died sadness came over me. In my teenage years I had babysat for Carl and his wife Pat. They had lived across the street from where I grew up. I loved their family like they were my own.

Blog - Carl Ryhorchuk - Toast

Carl Ryhorchuk – Toast to the Bride

Carl was now coming through with a message for me. He wants to thank me for all that I did for his family over the years. Carl also makes reference to giving the toast to the bride at our wedding. This validates his connection. Darlene then mentions that my dad Peter is standing in the distance waiting for Carl to finish before he would step forward.

Dad tells Darlene that his soul is still recovering from the health battle he had in his final days here on Earth. He shares the fact that I was not there when he crossed over but that was all part of the plan. I had done everything in my power to help mend his broken body but ultimately it was his time to go to his heavenly home. He says that he will be with us for as long as we need him. He says that he will leave us many signs when his soul is close by.

I shed many tears that day during that Reiki treatment, mainly tears of healing joy. I was so thankful that Carl and Dad had come to visit. I needed to hear both of their messages. Carl’s message came as a surprise and Dad’s came as an answer to my prayers. Both came as a gift from our loving Divine Master who truly knows how to heal a broken heart and place all doubt aside. All we need to do is ask for help and it shall be granted.

Ask, Listen and be Watchful,

Shelley Transparent Signature

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  1. Thank-you Shelley for your kind words, but more so for inviting me into you and your family’s life! The day we met I felt like I had connected with a long lost friend, someone whom I have known all my life. You are a dear and special friend! Love you!

    • Shelley Zwingli

      We are kindred spirits! You are an amazing woman with a gift that places hope in all of the people you touch. Keep sharing the light and love, it’s the only way to conquer our challenges in life. Your connection to the spiritual world benefits your clients health both physically and spiritually. Keep doing what you are doing!!
      With love and blessing,

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