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The loss of a pet

My newly awakened spirit has been recognizing many strange changes happening in my life both before and after the NDE. One such occurrence took place back in the spring of 2012. I had been spending a couple days in Regina with our daughter. From very little Branelle loved cats. Her affection for these furry creatures has only strengthened with age.

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Sweet little Zip

A few months prior to my visit that spring Branelle had found a cat in the classified ads. She had been living without a cat for the first couple years during her university days. She had been going through feline withdrawal. She met with the owner and bought the cute little kitten that caught her eye. She was looking forward to having some company when she’d get home from classes. Her boyfriend at the time was working out of town so a cat seemed like the best medicine to conquer her loneliness. Jordan and Branelle named the cat “Zip” the name suited it perfect. It was full of life and constantly getting into things it shouldn’t. We would laugh until tears rolled watching it do the spooky cat dance. Everyone knows what the spooky cat dance is!!

Zip had been living with Branelle for a couple months when she started noticing some very strange behavior. The cat’s cute little spooky dance was turning into something rather scary. For no apparent reason the cat started to hiss and growl and if you tried to approach it that only made it more crazy. There were times it would even lunge at you. The noises this cat made sounded like something out of horror movie The Exorcist. It was nice one minute and within a split second it had fire in its eyes. As the days went by these occurrences happened more often. We all knew that it was just a matter of time when the cat would have to be put down. There was a sad reality to what we were witnessing.

Branelle had taken Zip for a checkup to see if there was anything that could be done. The vet examined the cat and told Branelle it possibly had schizophrenia. They offered to put it on Prozac. This was heart breaking for Branelle and Jordan. She didn’t think it was fair to medicate a pet, plus she feared the cat might harm her little cousin Jasmine if the medication dosage wasn’t just right. They decided to have Zip put to sleep. The loss of a pet is hard on everyone involved. These little creatures are at our mercy. We do what we can to help them but sometimes there’s nothing to be done.


Branelle & Lulu

I stayed with Branelle the night we dropped Zip off at the vets. It was a very emotional experience with many tears falling. We have had many cats on the farm but very seldom do we have to have one put down. Nature on the farm seems to look after this for us. One day they’re here and the next day they could be gone.

The following day Branelle and I decided to take a drive out to the Regina Humane Society. I realized that another cat couldn’t replace Zip but I was hopeful it would take Branelles mind off of Zip for a little while. I will admit that Zip was one of the cutest kittens I’ve ever laid my eyes on. We walked through the kennels and within a matter of 10 minutes Branelle had made a bond with a rather scruffy looking long haired kitten named Rupee. It didn’t take Branelle long before she was planning the adoption. Before the adoption could be complete the kitten needed to be spayed and have all of her vaccinations. Branelle would have to wait a couple weeks before she could take her new found treasure home.

Back in Melfort…

Blog - Lulu Car Photo aA couple weeks later I’m sitting in my car in front of my accountant’s office when my cell phone rings. Its Branelle calling and she’s getting very excited about Rupee her new kitten coming home. She then says she’s thought of a different name for her new fur ball. She wants to name her Lulu. This is where the story becomes amazing…. I’m looking at the car that’s parked directly in front of me and on the license plate it says “lulu” in part of the plate number. I grab my phone and snap the picture. I send the picture to Branelle and say that apparently that is the perfect name for her new found friend. Synchronicity had lined all the dots up perfectly!

Is this a coincidence?? I think NOT!!  It’s a loving message from our Creator who is always trying to make our spiritual connection even stronger. I love these types of instances that are only possible through divine intervention. God was sending our family a message that everything was in purrrfect order.

Ask, Listen and be Watchful,

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