The Power of 10 : Divine Order

"The Character for 10 in Chinese"

The character for 10 in Chinese

Within weeks after the heavenly dimes started appearing from my deceased father, I started noticing the number 10  was standing out more than ever. I’m not one to become obsessed with anything in particular but this number had my undivided attention.  It started very simply. I glanced at the clock and the time was 10:10. I picked up burgers at drive through and my change was $10.10. I bought my mom a Valentine’s gift while on holidays and the bill came to $210.10. So after noticing so many 10s, I thought I’d better check out the meaning of the number 10 online. Many websites state that in the Bible the number 10 implies completeness, and that everything is in its proper order, there is also a religious significance to the number in many cultures. Ten represents perfection of divine order,  That’s a pretty amazing claim to fame.

My curiosity was pushed even further just lately while washing clothes one day. I was tired of seeing all the clutter I had left on my dryer so I started sorting out what was garbage and what needed to be put away. As I was going through the loose change on the dryer I spotted a rather large coin that I hadn’t ever seen before. It was a plastic silver coin a bit larger then a toonie. As I picked it up I noticed it had writing on it. When I realized what the inscription said I quickly took a seat on my ottoman. The coin read The Ten Commandments. There it is again…10.  I took a deep breath and then happened to glance down at the floor in front of me and realize I’m looking at my 10 toes.  Okay, nothing coincidental about that. I chuckled to myself.

My Dad had told me a little while back that he saw me as a deep thinker, and I took that as quite the compliment. I’m always trying to spot what others might be missing. I knew that the dimes we’re receiving were more than just dimes; there’s a much bigger message trying to make itself known.  I also realized that when spirits are sending messages to us they need us to stop, ask for guidance and then listen for the answer.

The 10 Commandments coin I found.

The 10 Commandments coin I found.

So, that’s what I did. I glanced down and took a closer look at the coin.  I knew perfectly well that the divine creator was guiding me to a new understanding.

The 10 Commandments

I closed my eyes and started to really listen to my thoughts. I then realized that the human race has created rules and has signed God as the author to these rules. Every man-made religion on earth has created guidelines that you must follow if you’re going to belong to their church or religion.  This coin was giving me a spiritual message that was not connected to religion or the church.  It was a message of love. It was setting out the ground rules on how to be in love with your life. If we follow these 10 life rules, or commandments, as the Divine has called them, we are guaranteed a fulfilling life. I’m not saying that there won’t be ups and downs along the way, what I am saying is that if followed these life rules will give us the tools to stay on a much happier life path.

The creator gave us a set of rules to live by and whether or not you believe in these 10 rules of life is your choice.  These suggestions create a specific directive to living a very positive life. These rules of life are just common sense guidelines that believers and non-believers should follow if they desire a peaceful outcome to their human existence. Some look at these rules as having a very negative message: Don’t do this, this is wrong, and so on. I tend to look at the negative statements as a necessity to produce positive results.

Neither Trent nor I are sure of where that coin came from. I smiled at the awakening of my deeper self and how I’m noticing all of these signs that I use to just call a coincidence.  I’m so grateful to be experiencing these little hidden treasures that just keep popping up in my life. The dimes that my father continues to send us are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to connections these spirits create through love. Love has no boundaries. The more that you can trust in a greater power, the more the creator will share with you its divine signs. Surrender all doubt and let love put you on your life path.

Ask, listen and be watchful

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  1. Adam Sonja Garchinski

    Thanks I hope I can have that faith also

    • Shelley Zwingli

      Greeting Auntie Sonja,
      We all have more faith than we are aware of, it sometimes sits dormant until an event in our lives awakens it. In my case I had to come very close to death before I could truly become more alive. Our faith is put to the test and challenged through difficult events in our lives, loss of a loved one, an illness, a wrong doing. During all these times the Creator is waiting and wanting to connect with us. When I look back on my life I can only give thanks. My parents kept me grounded in the belief of a loving higher power. My generation needs to acknowledge your generation for the wonderful faith filled path that you helped place us on.
      With Love,

  2. Anxious to read your book Shelley. What I have read on your blog is like sitting down visiting with you. So exciting and so thankful you have written your story.

    • Shelley Zwingli

      Thanks for your kind words. I absolutely love writing and sharing my story. The book is coming along nicely. I know it’ll be a page turner, if you enjoy the blog you’ll love the book.
      Take Care,
      Shelley 🙂

  3. I too was stopped in my thoughts about the power of the divine order ans my loving buy ther 10 commandments. Can swear I saw reference the 10’s “The Red Sea 10 God given strategies for difficult times” is what I found.

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